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Ever wonder why California solar leasing companies never post their pricing on their websites? The answer to that question is simple. If you knew in advance how overpriced their systems are, you would probably never consider inviting one of their high pressure salepeople into your home to provide you with a quote.

The leasing companies might post their interest rates, but what good is a low interest rate if you're paying nearly twice the price that you would pay if you purchased the same system from a fair market priced solar dealer?

Unfortunately for consumers throughout California, low interest rate solar leasing company loans, power purchase agreements and solar leases are three of the most expensive ways to have solar on your roof. Up to three times the cost of a purchased system from a local or regional dealer using the same name high quality, reliable equipment..

The low interest rate loans offered by California solar leasing companies may appear enticing at first glance but these low interest rate programs are very expensive for the leasing companies and in the end for the system purchaser. They are known as "buy down loans" and can cost the leasing company thousand of dollars in fees which are simply padded into the price of the system.

While many fair market priced solar dealers are installing systems for less than $2.70 per Watt, the solar lease companies that are selling low interest rate loan programs are pricing their systems between $4.50 to well over $5.00 per Watt, completely wiping out any savings that a low interest rate loan might yield.

To put this into perspective, a typical 5 kW grid tied solar system from a fair market priced solar dealer would cost you less than $13,500 before incentives while the same 5 kW grid tie solar system from a solar leasing company will cost you up to $30,000 before the same incentives!

A California solar lease or power purchase agreement will typically only save you about 10% to 15% on your electric bill after you factor in the monthly lease/PPA payment.

You'll have to forfeit the lucrative 30% federal tax credit worth thousands of dollars and to make matters worse, most if not all $0 down solar leases include an annual payment escalator that will increase your monthly payment by up to 2.9% per year, every year for 20 years. A lease payment that may start at $80 per month can run into the hundreds of dollars toward the end of a lease contract.

Imagine what would happen if your utility company decides to, or is ever mandated to add fees or decrease their net metering compensation like what just happened in Nevada. On a lease with annual payment increases, you could end up being forced to pay more for your electricity than if you never had signed that air tight, escalating solar lease contract in the first place.

You'll typically pay so much more to purchase or rent a system from a solar leasing company than a purchase from a local or regional non-leasing dealer, that's it's actually you who will be over-paying to maintain, monitor and insure the leasing company's equipment.

You'll probably have problems selling your home  with a solar lease or power purchase agreement attached to it. What home buyer will want to assume your remaining lease payments on a used, outdated solar system when they can own a brand new system with the latest technology and keep the 30% federal tax credit for thousands less.

Don't believe it ? Well then simply type the keywords "solar lease scaring buyers" into Google and you can read many accounts of homeowners and real estate professionals reporting difficulty when trying to sell a home with a 20 year solar lease or PPA attached to it.

Not only will you have to forfeit the 30% federal tax credit and any applicable cash rebate to the leasing company but you won't even get tax deductible interest on your lease payments. By purchasing your system with a $0 down FHA solar loan or PACE financing instead, you may qualify for tax deductible interest. Solar leasing company loans, leases and power purchase agreements don't offer tax deductible interest.

And after making 20 years worth of leasing payments, you won't even own the system. It will still belong to the leasing company. If you want to own their system after making all those payment, then you'll have to buy it from the leasing company at the end of your lease at fair market value.

Add up all of the disadvantages that a Solar Lease, Power Purchase Agreement as well as the much higher pricing that a solar leasing company solar loan offers and you'll find that none of these forms of financing makes much sense in today's much lower priced solar market.


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Unlike a California solar lease, you'll pay far less and you'll own your home solar system and get to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other financial incentives for a much better return on investment.




7 cents per kWh

As Low As 7 Cents Per kWh Installed !


California Solar Leasing And PPA Companies Typically Charge 12 Cents To 16 Cents Per Kilowatt Hour With An Annual Payment Increase.

No Games, No Gimmicks And No Expensive Leases Or PPAs



Why rent a solar system from a leasing company and make your home more difficult to sell, when you can own a system for far less money while increasing your home's value.



Time Is Running Out !

You only have a limited amount of time before California's new, less favorable net metering policy takes effect.

Call us to find out how to get grandfathered under the old net metering policy before your utility company reaches its 5% net metering cap, so you can avoid paying the new fees and avoid the new TOU (Time Of Use) mandate before it's too late.




Zero Down Solar California Has Declared A Solar Price War On Our Competitors

Zero Down Solar California Solar Panel System Price War

Bring us your best written quote from Verengo®, SolarCity®, Semper Solaris, NRG®, SunPower®, Vivint®, Sungevity®, SunRun®, Lowes®, Peterson Dean,Horizon Solar, REC Solar®, American Solar Direct or Home Depot® and we'llblow that quote right out of the water.

And speaking of Verengo® and SolarCity®, bring us their $1,000.00 off deal that they offer from time to time and we'll show you what a real discount on a name brand solar system can mean to the bottom line.

In fact in most, if not all cases, we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance, name brand, home solar system for a faster payback!


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At these incredibly low prices it make absolutely no sense for anyone to even consider an expensive solar lease or for anyone to continue to pay their high electric bills.

Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of energy by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art photovoltaic system!

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This Brand New very high performance, tier one, name brand, 5.17 kW grid tie solar electric system includes 22 U.S. Made 235 Watt Monocrystalline solar panels with a 25 year
factory warranty
. A complete 
U.S. mademounting racking system with a 15 year warranty.  And a Renesola state of the art 97% CEC efficiency inverter.

With a much better 0%/+5% tolerance rating and high strength mounting racks,

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With Power Optimizers For
Performance Monitoring For Every Pair
Of Solar Panels And Shade Mitigation !

This Brand New ultra high performance, name brand, 5.30 kW grid tie solar electric system
includes higher performance 
Mitsubishi Electric 
Mono Crystalline solar panels with a 
25 year linear factory warranty. A complete
 U.S. made mounting rack system with a 15 year
warranty. 20 high performance

00 watt power optimizers with a 99.5%
efficiency rating. And a
 SolarEdge state of the art 97.5% CEC, 98.3% peak efficiency inverter.

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These Grid Tie Solar Energy Systems Also Include:

1. Free solar rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free single line drawings.

5. Even Includes mounting racks. And with our "Free in 30" offer, with our Mitsubishi Electric systems you'll receive your choice of a free upgrade to our new high quality U.S. made Spider Rax rail-less solar mounting system.




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The solar leasing companies are still using much thicker, aluminum framed solar panels that are succeptible to salt water corrosion and moisture penetration. This older style technology still uses a mono facial  (single sided) glass on plastic design that originated back in the 1950's.
 Our lower cost,, Hyper X2 solar systems include new Gen 2 solar modules that have a much thinner, less than a 1/4 inch thick, high strength, glass on glass, frameless, semi transparent design that provides double sided power production from both the front and back surfaces of the solar module which provides extra power production with up to a 22.6% efficiency rating.
The new solar panels that are used in our Hyper X 2 solar systems have been specially designed for 's climate and offer a better PTC to STC ratio "Real World" performance according to the California Energy Commission's performance rating listings thann over 119 of SunPower's solar panel models.

While the solar leasing company's more expensive, much thicker, Gen 1 solar panels might look good on your roof today, what will your home look like at year 13 of your locked in, 20 year lease, when many of your neighbors are installing, much sleeker, Gen 2 solar panels?
You can own this advanced technology in for far less than what it will cost you for a zero down solar leased system. And if you need zero down solar financing, we offer much better $0 down loans instead !





Thin solar panels vs thick solar panels.






The best tech support

Free solar technical support.

Our tech support staff's knowledge of Solar Panel applications is backed by over 18 years of experience.

We've operated one of the oldest solar repair centers in the U.S. for well over a decade so our staff knows exactly what makes a great solar product right down to the last schottky diode.

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